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Obama to meet Ukrainian PM at White House

"All of this will be exacting the real expense along with a real consequence."
A White Home statement about Sunday stated the particular visit "will highlight the particular strong support in the united States for that folks of Ukraine, who have demonstrated inspiring courage and resilience through recent times of crisis."

Blinken mentioned the particular US leader may be rallying world assistance for that Kiev's beleaguered fledgling administration and also against Russia's big tit cam incursion into the Ukraine's Crimean Peninsula.

"They may also discuss keep the international community may provide to aid Ukraine confront its economic challenges, and furthermore the importance regarding uniting Ukraine and also operating for you to fulfill the aspirations with the Ukrainian individuals as they get ready for may presidential elections."
He added: "The president offers created obvious in which heading forward in coordination along with our partners and also allies we have in position the mechanism together with sanctions to become able to improve the expense significantly.
Obama will host crisis talks along with Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk about Wednesday, US Deputy National security Adviser Tony Blinken said, confirming earlier reports.
"We've seen the particular president put together the significant international support package. in relation to isolating Russia, what we've seen as a results of the actual mobilized assistance may become the economic markets within Russia get hit lows, the actual ruble provides hit the low, investors are generally wondering whether to have associated with Russia since of the instability," Blinken said.
"But this really is truly a choice for the Russians in order to make.
Obama to fulfill Ukrainian PM at White house - Yahoo News
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Yatsenyuk had earlier announced in Kiev that will he'd travel to the United States, yet gave zero details of planned meetings. support," Blinken advised NBC television's "Meet the particular Press" program..
View galleryUkrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk speaks during…Ukrainian Prime Minister Arseniy Yatsenyuk speaks throughout a rally with Independence square throughout Kiev upon M ...
Washington (AFP) - President Barack Obama will meet in Washington this week with Ukraine's interim prime minister, inside a demonstrate involving assistance amid a tense stand-off using Russia more than charge of Crimea.
"He features invited the actual Ukrainian Prime Minister in order to occur towards the White Home on Wednesday to help expand demonstrate... They Will need to determine whether or perhaps not they wish to resolve the diplomatically or whether or even not they want to face growing isolation, growing economic cost."

The two leaders "will discuss how anyone can find a tranquil resolution to become able to Russia's ongoing military intervention inside Crimea that might respect Ukrainian sovereignty and also territorial integrity," the actual White house said

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